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Welcome to Quilting Services – L&J Quilting. We create beautiful heirloom quilts the old fashioned way – by hand and made to last, carrying on the sewing tradition of previous generations. With over 30 years of sewing experience, we sell quilts that will be used and treasured for decades to come.

Our customers can choose from a variety of designs for their special quilt, or request a special custom design that is unique to their project. Please note that the requested pattern may vary as our quilting is done freehand. Our quilts are 100% handmade with no computerized stitching. We believe in old-fashioned quality and we know our customers are able to see the difference.

There’s nothing better than a special handmade quilt to keep you or a loved one warm during the winter months! Contact us today about ordering your very own heirloom quilt. They make wonderful holiday, wedding, graduation, or birthday gifts, as well as a beautiful and warm investment for your own home.

**Our shop is a pet free/non-smoking environment.

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